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What is KoortMe

Are you single and looking to mingle? Are you tired of being set-up on dates with people you wouldn’t share a pint with not to mention your big beautiful heart? Fancy meeting somebody you might ACTUALLY hit it off with? Well Today FM have launched Koort Me!

A brand new dating website that finds out who YOU are and who you’re looking for and gives you both the chance to meet each other. Koort Me is the best matchmaker you ever met as it could introduce you to the best person you have never met.

Koorting (courting)

kɔːt/ verb

gerund or present participle: courting/koorting


be involved with (someone) romantically, with the intention of marrying.

"he was courting a girl from the neighbouring farm"


woo, go out with, be involved with, be romantically linked with, pursue,run after, chase, seek the company of, make advances to, make up to, flirt with; informal see, go steady with, date, chat up, make (sheep's) eyes at, give the come-on to, be all over; informal track with,track square with; dated set one's cap at, pay addresses to, romance, pay suit to, pay court to, seek the hand of, make love to; archaic spark; "he's courting/koorting her sister"
go out together, go out, go with each other, keep company; informal date, go steady; "we saw the film when we were courting"